Substance Abuse Statistics in Orange County

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Substance abuse addiction is a problem across the United States. The number of drug-involved overdose deaths in the United States has been steadily increasing since 1999, with over 70,000 individuals passing in 2019. Drug and alcohol addiction is a rampant problem in California, with Orange County being no exception.

Substance Abuse Statistics in Orange County, California

According to the Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Division 2017 Report:

  • The rate of drug and alcohol deaths in Orange County increased by 82% from 2000 to 2017. The last report had been published in 2014 and had reported a 51% increase in overdose deaths from 2000-2012. This means that there has been a continuous steady incline in fatalities compared to rates in 2000.
  • The report found each year, approximately 700 Orange County residents died from drug and alcohol overdoses. Additionally, there were 5,500 hospitalizations every year for overdoses.
  • 56% of all opioid-related overdoses in Orange County were due to prescription opioids such as Hydrocodone and OxyContin.
  • The Orange County coroner found that 78.6% of all overdose deaths were accidental.
  • The coroner also found that for Orange County overdose deaths, 66.8% were related to opioid use and 51.8% were related to prescription drugs.
  • In Orange County, females are 1.6 times more likely to overdose on prescription drugs for ages 35 and up.

According to the Orange County Healthier Together Organization:

  • Almost one in six Orange County residents needs help with emotional, mental, or substance abuse problems.
  • Orange County has higher hospitalization rates related to alcohol or substance abuse than 75% of the rest of California counties.
  • Males in Orange County are almost two times more likely to experience a drug or alcohol-related hospitalization.
  • Orange County has a death rate for prescription opioid overdose of 6.3 per 100,000 residents. This puts Orange County in the second-worst quartile of all Californian counties.
  • Orange County has a hospitalization rate for adult alcohol use of 13.5 per 10,000 people 18 and older. This puts Orange County in the worst 25% of all Californian counties for hospitalization alcohol rates.

How to Get Help for Substance Abuse in Orange County

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse addiction, it’s essential to seek professional help. Rehabilitation programs are the best chance for successful addiction treatment and recovery. Substance abuse addiction can lead to hospitalizations, poisonings, and even death. Rehab programs can help individuals safely detox and manage withdrawal symptoms and then transition into treatment for the addiction. Treatment can teach individuals how to cope with their cravings, recognize their triggers, and understand how to live a healthier, substance-free life.

Residents of Orange County can go to Altignis Health to receive substance abuse treatment in a calming, highly therapeutic setting. Individuals will find a wide range of programs at Altignis Health to treat their needs. Book a consultation today to find out more about how Altignis Health can help you.

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